Kristen Malone, Jefferson Road School

Kristen Malone, Jefferson Road School

<p>Super heroes come in all shapes and sizes. We found one teaching at Jefferson Road School in Pittsford. Kristen Malone gets a News 8 Golden Apple Award.</p>

Super heroes come in all shapes and sizes. We found one teaching at Jefferson Road School in Pittsford. Kristen Malone gets a News 8 Golden Apple Award.

Jefferson Road First Grader Rudy Antonucci says in all his years in school Kristen Malone is the best teacher he's had! "She's a very nice teacher and she teaches us a lot of math things and reading."

Rudy's parents say he's grown a lot this school year. His father Andy says "We have seen leaps and bounds with Rudy and we attribute a lot of that to Mrs. Malone and the school here."

In fact, Andy Antonucci and his wife Samantha believe Kristen Malone is really a super hero in disguise! "I've seen her fly. That's why? ha-ha"

"I think because she can swoop down and make sure kids are learning" says Principal Carole Schwab. "And she's been a kindergarten teacher here and a first grade teacher. She's outstanding in every way. Kristen cares deeply about her kids and is a joy to work with. But she doesn't like surprises."

Well, that's why we were visiting. With Rudy's help we snuck into her classroom to give her a Golden Apple Award.

Kristen says after 24 years, she still loves working with young students and can't believe a family would want her to have a Golden Apple. "Oh it means so much to me. I can't tell you how much I love Rudy and all the kids in the class. And it really is quite an honor. I really appreciate it."

Kristen Malone is a news 8 Golden Apple Award winner. If you look below you can read the letter we received from Rudy's family nominating her.

Dear News 8,

Since the moment we met Mrs. Malone (first grade teacher at Jefferson Road), we've suspected she's a super hero in disguise. Over the course of this school year, we've determined that Mrs. Malone is an extraordinary teacher and in this letter we would like to share with you our experiences with her.
With a great level of anxiety, our son Rudy Antonucci entered first grade in September of 2012. Rudy was extremely insecure about his academic abilities. He avoided reading and writing as much as possible and dreaded going to school each day. Slowly and patiently, Mrs. Malone has been diligently working with Rudy. She never for a moment gave up on Rudy. Mrs. Malone always found the good inside of Rudy and encouraged him to keep trying and to believe in himself. As parents, we cannot get over the social and academic growth Rudy's made this year. It's really hard for us to believe it's the same kid. Rudy wakes up every morning eager to go to school and now insists on reading to us every night.
There is no doubt Mrs. Malone is an extraordinary educator because she is selflessly dedicated to her student's success. She is such an enthusiastic, committed and compassionate teacher. Mrs. Malone has the perfect balance of being flexible and understanding yet firm and rigid. We're even aware that she put in countless hours beyond what's required of her. We've always prayed that our children would have a teacher that cares enough to go the extra mile, and this year we were blessed to have one. 
Now... we're certain she's a super hero!


Andy and Samantha Antonucci
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