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Lake Ave. "Road Diet" Canceled

Neighbors worried traffic would slow.
The City of Rochester has canceled a project that would have put a stretch of Lake Avenue on a "road diet."

Lake Ave. between Burley Rd. and Merrill St. would have been reduced from four lanes to two lanes, with a center turning lane and bicycle lanes. A city traffic study showed many people speed through this stretch, with 15 percent of drivers traveling more than 48 m.p.h., even though the speed limit is 35 m.p.h. The area also has a higher rate of accidents than the county average. The traffic study found no adverse impact from reducing lanes, and safety could be improved.

But as a result of complaints from Charlotte residents who feared traffic would slow to a crawl, the city has canceled the project. To adhere to the city's "complete streets" policy, the city is now exploring a bicycle track parallel to the road.

Other streets that have been put on "road diets" include St. Paul St., University Ave., Dewey Ave. and East Ave.

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