LDC Probe Could Bring Charges

LDC Probe Could Bring Charges

A grand jury is investigating Monroe County's dealings with local development corporations.
Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks said she has limited knowledge of a criminal probe into the county's use of local development corporations.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports indictments are expected in the coming weeks related to the LDCs, which are non-profit companies formed to give the county flexibility and savings on projects.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has been critical of LDCs, saying they lack transparency. His office has found Monroe County's use of LDCs for security and telecommunications contracts cost taxpayers more money and bids may have been rigged.

"We did have some criticisms of LDCs here in Monroe County. Those audits were referred to the Attorney General. That investigation through the Attorney General's office is continuing," said DiNapoli during a stop in Rochester Tuesday.

When asked if there's anything she can tell the public about the probe, Brooks said, "I can't, not my agenda, so you'd have to go to the attorney general or the comptroller...I don't have enough information to be concerned. I don't have enough information to even comment."

Brooks has maintained in the past the audits were politically-motivated. She praises the use of LDCs as a way to save taxpayers money. 

The county has hired former state attorney general Dennis Vacco to provide legal advice regarding the investigation. Sources say several individuals inside and outside the county administration have hired attorneys.
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