LDC Scandal: What's Next?

LDC Scandal: What's Next?

Democrat and Chronicle reporter Gary Craig talks about the investigation.
Democrat and Chronicle reporter Gray Craig has been closely following the Monroe County local development corporation scandal. He stopped by News 8 First at 4 to talk about the investigation that so far has netted the indictments of several people.

"You have this convoluted web, the LDCs created at the county's behest, all the subcontracts from there, that sort of spin off," said Craig. "I think it's really hard to come back to the nut of the story, which is tens of millions of dollars annually are going out. It's taxpayer money." 

Craig said he has a big question he hopes is answered.

"What happened on the county's end? There were warning signs and bells all along... we hope to get a sense of whether somebody should have been paying more attention all along."

Watch our interview with Craig by clicking the video above.
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