Local Air Travelers Delayed By Snow

Local Air Travelers Delayed By Snow

The winter storm is delaying flights in and out of Rochester's airport.
The winter storm is delaying flights in and out of Rochester's airport. 

Daniel and Sandy Liskiewicz's week-long vacation to Disney is not off to a great start. Instead of soaking up the Florida sunshine, these two Webster residents are stuck staring at the snowfall.

"I'll get there. It will be sometime today," Daniel said.

Their flight to Philadelphia has been delayed for about three hours. Although in their case, it is due to mechanical issues on the plane. While they wait for vacation to begin, Anna Marcelletti's is coming to a close. This great grandmother had been visiting family in Rochester over the holidays. She is trying to get back home to Holland, Michigan.

"I had delays coming here, so I kind of expected them coming back," she said.

So far, her flight has been delayed an hour. Jessica Evarts is also standed, although her travel plans are a bit more pressing. This 21-year-old college student is headed to Phoenix, Arizona to start a month-long field study. 

"Thankfully I don't start my field placement until Monday, so it won't be too bad," she said.

These travelers are some of the several hundred locally impacted by the weather. Airport officials estimate some 10 cancellations and five delays for Thursday. 

"Any cancellations or delays have been dependent on other airports; or delays because of the weather all over the Northeast and Midwest," Airport Director Michael Giardino said.

Much like a town highway department, the airport increases manpower when severe weather hits. The colder conditions make for a quicker cleanup on the runways. 

"Because it's light dry fluffy snow, it's easier to move," Giardino said.

Officials say be prepared and call your airline to check on your flight ahead of time. 
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