Local Author's Book Featured On The David Letterman Show

Local Author's Book Featured On The David Letterman Show

A local author got the plug of a lifetime. Late night talk show host David Letterman pulled her book out, and talked about it during her show.
 "I got a text message from one of my college students," said Nora Bradbury-Hael, "and she was like your book is on Letterman, and I was like what??"

Bradbury Haehl immediately turned on the television.

"Today, I got my old college trunk and opened it up and look what I found," said David Letterman, "I found this old book, it's the Freshman Guide to Survival."

Bradbury-Haehl, a mother and 27-year youth minister, has seen hundreds of kids go to college.  She says some of them crashed and burned, and she wanted to help.  Her book covers everything from A to Z in college life, "if you want to talk with your kid about drinking at college, if you haven't seen great study habits in high school and you're worried how they're going to do in college, the book can be a jumping off point," explained Bradbury-Haehl.

The author says the most important thing students need to do is simple, go to class.  "They might be struggling with depression, they might be staying up too late, they might have brought their x-box with them,and there's no one there to say hey quit playing computer games and get to class," explained Bradbury-Haehl.

Letterman's sidekick Paul Shaffer begs to know more about the book on the show, "where did you find a book like this, and how much does a book like this cost, because I could use a book just like this when my son goes off to college."

"The easiest place is Barnes and Noble," explained Bradbury-Haehl, "all the Barnes and Noble in the Rochester area and across the country have it, which is very exciting."

The five minutes of fame are paying off, allowing the author to reach more students, "we started out the day around 16 or 17,000 in the ranking, which doesn't sound that good, but it is for Amazon," explained Bradbury-Haehl, "and as they next day went on it just crept up and up and topped out around 7,000, so it really gave us a nice bump."
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