Local Businesses Help Others Go Green

Local Businesses Help Others Go Green

Socially Good Business takes a different approach to keep the environment in mind.
Socially Good Business take a different approach to keep the environment in mind.

Socially Good Business is the dream of Rochester native Liz Brenna. She started hercareer at Ben and Jerry's in Vermont and then decided to branch out on her own.  

"While I was there, I noticed how  much Ben and Jerrys  has really infused their societal and environmental mission into every nook and cranny of the business," she said.
She saw there was a need for that kind of expertise.

"I also noticed that really respected brands were coming to us and saying how are you guys doing this?  How are you running such a successful business and being so socially and environmentally conscious," Brenna added.

Socially Good Business was born in September 2011.  They help companies come up with an overall "Green" strategy.  They are looking out for the environment and society.

"Seventy-one percent of customers make purchases based on the societal andenvironmental initiatives the company is involved in,"  says Brenna. 

SGB is the first "Benefit Corporation" or "B-corp" in Rochester meaning they have met strict environmental and social standards.

"We strive to have a zero waste office space. Everything we have in house has either been sourced sustainably or is second hand," she stated.

They have a lot of fun too.Brenna believes happy employees make for a more successful workplace.  She modeled the space after Ben and Jerry's headquarters. 

"I wanted to create an environment that was similar, in that it was colorful, energetic,  creative and as sustainable as it gets," she said.  

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