Local Group Gears Up for Alternative Fair

Local Group Gears Up for Alternative Fair

This weekend, Metro Justice is holding it's annual Alternative Fair. The event is now in it's 31st year and it features a lot of local "green" vendors.

Just outside of Canandaigua, lies an Herb Haven.  A place where many women go to get their lives back on track. 

"We develop a community of support with each other and learn lots of skills both life skills and vocational skills and help people identity what the dreams are in their life and help them connect with further education so they can become self-sufficient," says Deb Denome the Executive Director of Seeking Common Ground.  Herb Haven is a project of that organization.   

The program serves 8-12 women at a time.  The items they make are sold at a number of fairs and festivals. 
"In the summer we are mostly gardening and harvesting herbs that in the winter we craft into salves and oils and teas and bath bags, we have spa in a jar here, soaps.  So lofts of different products and women have the opportunity to bring their own  recipe ideas," adds Denome. 
Right now the women are gearing up for the metro justice alternative fair.  "It's really the perfect target market for us because it is people who are interested in local, organic, handmade, fair trade items which is our exact target audience," says Denome. 

Lucy Ignizio takes great pride in her work.  She says, "bath bags are awesome, you make it like a tea bag and maybe an enamel or stainless steel bowl, pour water in it, and put it in tub and bath is just awesome."

Herb Haven started up about 14 years ago.  Over the years they've been able to grow.  Now they are helping more women and have more products to offer.  "It's very relaxing and the people I have met are very knowledgeable," says Ignizio. 

They are helping local women and the environment at the same time.  If you would like to help support this program and see the other vendors at the Metro Justice Alternative Fair.  The event is Friday from 5-9 and Saturday, December 1st from 10-2 at teh First Unitarian Church 220 Winton Rd. South. 

There is a suggested donation of $3 for all those over age 12. 

To learn more about Herb Haven, click here.

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