Local Men "Walk in Her Shoes"

Local Men "Walk in Her Shoes"

Local officials and others walk a mile in high-heels for domestic violence awareness.
Alternative for Battered Women wants others to know what it is like to walk in a woman's shoes.

The Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Fundraiser was sponsored by the ABW to bring awareness to domestic violence in the community.

Male attendees, including Rochester Police Chief Sheppard and other officials, strapped on their heels to "strut their stuff" for a mile at Ontario Beach Park.

"My feet are hurting already, my feet hurt sitting down, so it's going to be a hard walk," said Chief Sheppard.

Sen. Ted O'Brien stated "I picked out a sensible pair of pumps but my 9-year-old wouldn't let me. She put me in something more fashionable."

One in four women are victims are domestic violence.

The ABA is reminding the public that men are victims as well. Statistics show every year, one in seven males are suffer from domestic violence abuse.

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