Local Peace Corps Volunteer in Philippines, Asks For Help

Local Peace Corps Volunteer in Philippines, Asks For Help

A local Peace Corps volunteer is calling on his community to help in the Philippines

As many as 2,000 in the Philippines have died in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

Aid is slowly trickling in.

Many are in desperate need of food, water, and medical supplies.

One Fairport man is overseas in the region and he too is pleading for help.

"So many emotions running through my head the last few days: helplessness , anxiety, hope, courage, love," said Bill Wynne as he reads his son Andrew's blog.

His son, Andrew Wynne, is a Peace Corps volunteer who is staying 200 miles from the hardest hit regions.

"He said it was almost like you could feel the devastation," said Sandy Wynne, his mother.

Andrew is 16 months into a 27 month assignment.

His home is Tobaco City, which is north of the devastation.

But he's heard stories from other Peace Corps volunteers.

"They were walking to the airport they were seeing bodies so he is hearing that through others' eyes,” said Bill Wynne.

Sandy says Andrew was evacuated when the storm hit.

"He said I will probably be out of touch for awhile because lose power - which they did of course - be back in touch whenever I can," said Sandy.

Phone calls and Skype keep Andrew in touch with his family.

He also updates his blog.

Andrew went to the Philippines to help with coastal resources and now he is hoping others can give back.

"Whatever people can do to support the current situation there are many outlets which can be serviced - not recommend - many out there people can be attached to and contribute towards," said Bill.

"I think Andrew put it simply, there is so much to do and so little time," said Sandy.

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Save the Children:


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