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Local Protestors Rally Against Military Strikes In Syria

Demonstrators protest against bombing in Syria.

The war of words over Syria is intensifying tonight.  World leaders are debating a U.S. military response to an alleged chemical weapons attack.  The President will speak to the nation tomorrow.  Tonight, Russia is pushing Syria to place its chemical weapons under international control and dismantle them to stop U.S. strikes.
In Lima, Livingston County tonight they rallied for peace.

With the U.S. on the brink of war again in the Middle East, anti-war activists are calling for peace around the country and across our region.  A call for non-violence for a country in the middle of chaos.

"I live in the United States of America.  And I grew up proud of this country.  I found us to be an honorable country.  Not getting into foreign adventures for the wrong reasons," said Hank Stone,  Citizens for a United Earth.

Syria is immersed in a bloody civil war.  Here at home, anti-war protestors stand united for a peaceful resolution.

"We really don't feel that military intervention in Syria is going to be an answer.  Violence never really stops violence.  And we just feel that our intervention in Syria is unwarranted," said MaryAnn Sprung, Friends Committee on National Legislation.

 Rallies like this took place in unison across the country in hopes our nation's leaders are listening.

"We think the bombing is harmful on about 6 or 60 different levels.  But certainly, the bombing's going to cause more suffering.  It'll get us involved in another Mid-East conflict. And we haven't finished the first two.  We're still there.  And now we'd be starting a third one," said Arnold Matlin, Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Syria could avoid a potential U.S. air attack by putting its chemical weapons under international control.

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