Long Distances Can't Keep Park Family Away From Bills Camp

Long Distances Can't Keep Park Family Away From Bills Camp

<br>Life-long Bills fans from North Carolina continue traditional pilgrimage to Pittsford

Nothing was going to keep the Park Family from reaching Bills training camp in Pittsford. On July 31, they drove 14 hours from Charlotte, NC to Saint John Fisher College (with some stops along the way) to take in a few Bills' practices. It's a tradition for their family that dates back over 30 years.

Michael Park was three years old in 1981 when his father, John, took him to the Bills training camp in Fredonia. His father bought him a Bills t-shirt that has managed to stay in the family ever since.

The Park's made a return trip to Bills training camp when Michael's son Drew, was three years old. Since then, whenever a child in the family has turned three (Michael has two other sons - Aaron and Conor), the Park's have returned to the Bills training camp.

For the Park's, making their trip to Bills camp is a bonding expreience that links generations together. The Bills are a part of their family, and like families that stick togheter, the Park's have stuck by the Bills through thick and thin.

The memories that the Park's and the thousands of other Bills fans who come to training camp create help make the Bills' training camp special. The Park's are also part of the economic impact seen in Pittsford and Rochester while the Bills are in town. They are staying at a local hotel and eating in local restaurants throughout their stay and are hoping to come back soon. Perhaps when the next child turns three years old.

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