Lovely Warren Floats Idea of Water Park

Lovely Warren Floats Idea of Water Park

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren makes a splash with idea of water park in inner loop.
Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren made a splash Thursday by announcing she wants to build an indoor water park in the city's inner loop.
The idea caught many, including some city council members, off guard.   It is certainly making waves.

Mayor Warren says she wants to give young families and visitors to Rochester a place to go to to have fun.
But in an era when location, location, location means everything, critics of the plan say Rochester's Center City may be the wrong place to go for a dip.

Warren wants to fill-in the loop and develop a hotel and water park not far from "The Strong" National Museum of Play.
"Having a hotel with a water park nearby is something that would only enhance our ability to develop tourism to the area and make it an attraction," said Lovely Warren, Rochester Mayor.

The water park would sit in Rochester Councilwoman Elaine Spaull's district.

"It's an area of play, that's for sure, but I haven't heard anything about that at all," said Elaine Spaull, Rochester Councilwoman.

Warren says she's already talked to a couple of developers about the idea, the plan is in its early stages.

"This will probably be a first of its kind.  I think it's probably not a good idea to try to grow downtown.  Having a waterpark is pretty foolish, I feel," said Fred Hoffman, Brighton.

"It doesn't belong in downtown Rochester.  When you're trying to entice people to come downtown, I don't think a waterpark, said Howard Kaplan, Rochester.

The Mayor says her plan would include raising the inner loop to make eight acres of land "shovel ready" bridging a long-standing divide.

"For many years, for as long as I can remember, they've spoken about the inner loop being a great divide between the neighborhoods and really wanting to connect with the neighborhoods," said Warren.

"I think it's a great idea, why not." said Audrey Hoffman, Brighton.

The project has no pricetag attacted to it.  At this point it is simply a conversation.
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