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Macedon Police Standing By Police Chase

the 15-minute police chase left four people in the hospital. The Macedon Police Chief says he stands by his decision to pursue.
The Macedon Police Department has a detailed protocol for police chases. 

"Our protocol here is very stringent. We will not pursue vehicles for minor offenses or vehicle and traffic offenses to a point depending on the nature of the crime," Chief John Colella said.

On Friday, police received a shoplifting complaint at the Walmart and nearby liquor store in Macedon. A shoplifting complaint would normally not require a police chase. But Colella says suspect Charles Domicello and his two passengers became aggressive.

"He came very close to striking one patrol officer and then he drove directly at my vehicle and attempted to ram my vehicle," Colella said.

The chase lasted for 20 miles and ended in the city of Rochester on East Main Street. Rochester Fire Department Deputy Chief Martin McMillan was off duty when his car was struck by Domicello's truck. His own firefighters rescued him and the three suspects.

"Chief McMillan is in the car and he is hanging by his seatbelt and he says release the seatbelt for me," Executive Deputy Chief Bill Curran said.

The question now is- was the police chase necessary?

"Nobody likes them. I can tell you that much right now. The police don't like them. We don't like them," Curran said. "What do you do? It's a tough question." 

"It could be weather, could be time of day, could be kids being let out, could be any number of things that we may say under our policy we can chase, but under these other factors we are making a determination that we will terminate the chase," Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard said.

"If individuals are going to come into our community and attempt to injure one of my officers or myself, it raises to a whole other level and we are going to do what we have to do," Chief Colella said.

Domicello has a violent criminal history, but Chief Colella did not known this at the time of the chase. Domicello was arraigned at Strong Hospital for charges related to the chase. He and two other suspects are facing charges in the town of Macedon. 
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