Marian's House Serving People with Alzheimer's

Marian's House Serving People with Alzheimer's

Marian's House is a new daytime retreat for people with early to mid-stage Alzheimer's. 
An estimated 25,000 people in Rochester and surrounding counties have Alzheimer's Disease.  For patients and their families, the region offers a great and growing network of support services.  One of them is Marian's House. 

Nancy Andrews drops off her 91-year-old father, Alfred Keim, at Marian's House in Brighton every morning.  Alfred has Alzheimer's.  Marian's House is a home away from home for people with early to mid-stage Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.  Everything about the house is designed to enrich and support its guests, from the wide open kitchen to the great room with a fireplace and the quiet room with a TV and library.  Guest Cathy Cochrane likes to play on the computer with a little help from Marian's House Director Mary Fazio.

"We're not a school setting.  This is what we do at 10:00, this is what we do at 11:00.  We have structure built into our day because that's important, but we want to do what folks want to do.  What their typical days are like, we want to enhance that," says Fazio.

Marian's House opened this year and is still building a base of guests.  The goal is to reach Alzheimer's patients who still live at home and may not be getting the socialization so vital to their quality of life.

"I feel better, I'm at work and he's somewhere having fun," Nancy said.  "There are very few if any senior programs like this available.  It's a real need int he community, people having problems with their memory, getting older,  and not having enough social time."

Marian's House has two full-time staff plus give volunteers.  It can take up to 12 guests at a time on any given day, and there's drop-in care as well.  For family caregivers, it offers relief.  For guests, it offers respite and retreat in a secure, serene setting built just for them.

For more information on Marian's House, click here.
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