Matthew Cole, Livonia Primary School

Matthew Cole, Livonia Primary School

<br>A Principal is getting a News 8 Golden Apple Award on behalf of a very grateful family in Livonia. We had to be sneaky to surprise Matthew Cole.

A Principal is getting a News 8 Golden Apple Award on behalf of a very grateful family in Livonia. We had to be sneaky to surprise Matthew Cole.

Teacher Mrs. Velhuisen made something up and called Livonia Elementary School Principal Matthew Cole to her room. And we were hiding with her entire class to surprise him

Owen Hogle and his Mom Amy nominated the Principal for a News 8 Golden Apple Award. Amy says Owen is a little boy who has had some challenges in school and her family wanted to thank Mr. Cole for helping. "We have three children in the Primary School and he has gone above and beyond to make them comfortable and accommodate them all, all three of them."

"He is really, really nice" says Owen. "He helps me with situations that are bad. And he made me a stronger student."

Mr. Cole says "There's a number of kids that haven't had an easy road since I've been here . And they've grown quite a bit, so that's pretty cool."

Matthew Cole has only been a Principal for a couple years, but ever since he became a teacher he wanted lead a team to have a bigger impact on more kids. He says the team at Livonia Elementary does that. "I love helping kids get better and make good choices."

Matt's a great educator" says Superintendent Scott Bischoping. "And he's an even greater person. And it's not a surprise a student would nominate him for an honor like this."

To Mr. Cole, a thank you from a little boy is a big deal. "t means a great deal. Owen is one of those kids I'll probably always remember."

Matthew Cole is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner. You can read the letter we received from the Hogle's nominating him below.

Dear News 8,

  My son and I would like to nominate Mr. Matthew Cole the Golden Apple Award. My son has Autism. Here is our letter to him.
 I want to thank you for your help in resolving ALL the issues with Owen. We are so fortunate to have you as the ES Principal. I am so glad that you are the one who the school has been lead by. Had it been someone else, Owen might have not been eager to try his best to succeed. I can't say enough how wonderful it is to know that your interest in guiding Owen, and all of your students, is genuine. You truly care. I can see why Owen loves you so much, despite the issues he has had! Owen has shown so much personal and academic growth this year, and I know that it is in large part due to your patience and attention.
   I am truly grateful for your willingness to go above and beyond to help students and communicate with their parents. I have been very difficult over the past few months and you have dealt with every situation in a fair and loving way.
As a parent, I thank you. I thank you for showing me what a dream a school and its staff can be. I thank you for educating me to recognize, search out, and expect fairness in education. I appreciate the hours you spent resolving the concerns I brought to you. There were no questions unanswered; no phone calls unreturned.
  Most important, I have learned what a school and a child's education can and should be. I learned that parents shouldn't be afraid to ask questions, seek out answers, and expect what is appropriate and best for each child. I learned that every child will struggle with something... and that's okay! I learned that children, every child, will achieve.
  Many thanks to you, Mr. Cole, for ALL of your time and effort in dealing with Owen and his Mother. I thank you for making Owen a better student and making me a better parent.


Amy and Owen Hogle, Livonia

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