Mayor Warren Takes Staff on Bus Tour

Mayor Warren Takes Staff on Bus Tour

Mayor Warren takes her new staff on a bus tour of Rochester.

If you happened to come across RTS bus 802 during the day- it was not in service.

At least to the public.

Instead, new Mayor Lovely Warren packed two dozen of her city hall staff on board for a tour of their city.

"To see the good the bad the ugly, get out if the office, engage the community. To see the challenge but also the promise that we have in this community," said Spencer Ash, Director of Developmental Services.

There are many new faces within the Warren administration.

Some old faces too.

Together they have to bridge what's been done before and what's to come.

"Throughout the bus ride we kept switching seats, talk to one another, that's really important in starting the foundation of a strong team ," said Marisol Ramos-Lopez, Commissioner for Department of Recreation and Youth Services.

The sites for this tour: Midtown Plaza, where development continues to bring office space and now living space to downtown.

Here they met with one of Midtown's developers.

The transition doesn't hold up the process, people are investing and people are very bullish about rochester right now and we want to keep that momentum moving," said Ken Glazer, Buckingham Properties.

They also traveled to places like Genesee Brewery and High Falls where changes are coming.

"Being able top be out in the community, seeing the impact of some of these projects and how it affects people is going to drive my vision and my mission statement down in the department," said Ash.

"Sometimes we have a tendency to get immersed in our own department what we are doing, so it was good to get everyone stuck on the bus together, get to know each other. Public safety underlies everything we are trying to do in this city," said Interim Chief Michael Ciminelli, Rochester Police.

Warren's campaign centerpiece was neighborhoods and she wanted to make sure her new staff saw all Rochester.

Mayor Warren left the bus tour early with the passing of her grandfather and we were unable to speak with her.

But she said in a statement she wants her staff to maintain a connection to the people and neighborhoods in the city.

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