Meet "Joey" from War Horse!

Meet "Joey" from War Horse!

The 8 foot tall, cane and aluminum puppet horse from the Tony Award winning production got out and stretched his legs Wednesday at the Auditorium Theater.
Joey is basically made of cane and aluminum, but you'd never know it once you start watching the production.

Gregory, Curt and Jon are Joey's "hind, heart and head," respectively. But after watching the show for a minute or two, the puppetiers fade into the background, and just like that, it's all about the horse.

"At the end of the day it's a big improv game, where the three of us are trying to operate under one thought and one mind," says Jon Riddleberger, who is the puppetier controlling Joey's head.

Joey was made in South Africa.

"Simple building materials and they're all put together elegantly, hand put together to kind of give him that life," explains Gregory Manley, who controls Joey's hind section.

And now Joey travels the country in "War Horse" taking both young and old on a journey of a boy and his horse.

"To hear their little gasps and to hear, I was once at an event and I heard a kid go, 'joey looked at me!'," says Riddleberger.

Joey's mannerisms are so life-like, from the twitch of his ears, to his breathing, even his winnie, he's even got the highly trained mounted patrol fooled.

War Horse is playing at the Auditorium Theater through Sunday.

For tickets and information, click on the link:

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