Missing Coast Guard Auxiliary Sign, Vet Comes To Rescue

Missing Coast Guard Auxiliary Sign, Vet Comes To Rescue

A sign was stolen from the USCG Auxiliary building in Charlotte.

A small building on Charlotte's River Street is home to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Our primary goal always being the safety of the boating public,” said Larry O'Heron, USCG Flotilla 4-2 Public Affairs Staff Officer.

Civilian volunteers man the station and it's where they teach the public the rules of the water.

Yet something is missing.

"It was a very expensive plaque," said O'Heron.

Three weeks ago the auxiliary's building sign went missing.

It was the organization's marker. Its identity.

"If for example there had been a really strong wind, it would have torn up the siding we had there so this was deliberate," said O'Heron.

The auxiliary says whoever stole this sign took their time.

The drilled hole marks where the bolts used to be can still be seen.

4-inch bolts held the plaque in place.

Rochester Police have not yet found it, according to the auxiliary.

"Since the idea behind the plaque was to show some pride in our building and to show to people coming into our classes, a professional feeling...this really put a damper on a lot of people's spirits," said O'Heron.

Auxiliary dues and class fees helped pay for the $300 to $400 plaque.

But on Veterans Day, News 8 met a U.S. Coast Guard veteran who wanted to come to the rescue.

"Well the coast guard they do so much and I really do think that they are the quiet armed service and they don't get the just reward that they deserve," said the veteran.

He did not want any credit and therefore was not identified.

"Just being an ex-coast guard I thought oh what they heck - it doesn't hurt to write a small check to pay for a new one or something," said the donor.

The auxiliary still would like whoever is responsible to come forward but is gladly saying thanks.

We are all one big team... so to think someone Coast Guard would make that offer is a great thing,” said O'Heron.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the plaque, you can contact Rochester Police.

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