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Missing Greece Man Found Thanks to Newspaper Photo

An a bizzare string of coincidences, a missing Greece man is found alive in Washington, D.C. thanks to "USA Today" photo.
A missing Greece man has been found alive.  He was discovered by a loved one reading the "USA Today" newspaper.  Nick Simmons, 20, was featured on the front page.  It was a story about the homeless struggling to stay warm in the nation's capital.  The coincidences just keep growing as the story unfolds.
The Associated Press photographer, Jacquelyn Martin, who took the picture of a homeless Simmons is an RIT graduate.  

Nick Simmons' family reported him missing on New Years Day.    Just four days later, while reading the "USA Today" a family member noticed this photo of a man named "Nick" homeless on a steam grate in Washington, D.C.  He was featured in the paper as part of a story about the cold snap sweeping the nation.

"It's certainly very unusual.  I mean the odds are against someone taking that photograph, the photograph actually making it into the paper.  And then someone actually seeing the photograph in the paper," said Captain Patrick Phelan, Greece Police Department.

The family notified Greece police.  It confirmed, the man in the photo was Simmons.
After contacting police in D.C., Simmons was found and taken to a hospital for observation.

"His health is good.  He was taken to George Washington University Hospital as a precaution and for evaluation," said Phelan.

News 8 contacted the photographer, Jacquelyn Martin and the coincidences continue.  Martin is a 2001 graduate of RIT.

"I just remember being struck by how young he was.  And so when I was finished taking pictures, I knelt down again and I asked Nick if I could have his name for the picture.  And he said, 'my name is Nick.'  And so I said, Nick, sometimes if you give me your full name, people tend to reach out.  So, what'ya think?  And he said 'no, I'm okay.  But my name's Nick.  So you can just write that," said Jacquelyn Martin, Associated Press Photographer.

Martin said she never could have imagined her photo would make this kind of impact.

"It's really incredible.  I think being a photojournalist you're  always hoping that your photos will make a difference.  But you don't always have that many concrete examples of something doing that.  And so, now I know that at least one photo in my career really made a difference," said Martin.

Simmons' father drove to D.C. reunite with Nick.

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