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Monroe County Budget Approved

Monroe County legislators pass the 2014 budget by a vote of 19 to 10.
Monroe County Legislators approved the budget for 2014 by a vote of 19 to 10.
Two hot button issues drew public criticism;  day care subsidy funding and a
request for a hefty raise for Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn.

Legislators on both sides of the aisle quickly adopted an amendment to
strike a 37-thousand dollar pay raise for Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn.  The pay hike
would have raised the sheriff's salary to 174-thousand dollars.  The sheriff 
argued he wanted his salary be in line with the Monroe County District

"The difference in my pay from January 1, 2004 to today is $3,464.  Therefore what is being proposed for Sheriff O'Flynn for one year is more than ten times what I have received in raises during a decade of service," said Virginia Baggs, Greece.

Childcare advocates also went head to head with lawmakers.  Upset
the proposed budget would slash $1.3 million dollars in childcare subsidies.

Democrats proposed an amendment to restore those funds. 

This budget is not good enough for kids with regard to two critical issues.  The
issue of childcare assistance.  And the issue of the evidence-based parents as
teachers program," said Dr. Jeff Kaczorowski, childcare advocate. "

Democratic Minority Leader Carrie Andrews also stood up for restoring child care funding.

 "It is heartbreaking.  And I think just
so short-sighted that 500 families are going to lose their childcare subsidies
this year as a result of the cuts made in local dollars to the childcare
program," said Andrews.

Republican legislator Steve Tucciarello responded by saying wrong
city, wrong legislative body and encouraged democrats to take their argument to
restore funding to Albany.

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