More Troubles at Medley Centre Sunday: Flooding

More Troubles at Medley Centre Sunday: Flooding

Frozen Sprinkler System and Pipes at Medley Create More Trouble for Floundering Mall.

More troubles tonight at Medley Centre in Irondequoit.  This time-- frozen pipes led to flooding outside a loading dock in a vacant section of the floundering mall.
The Irondequoit town supervisor who says that's unacceptable.  Adam Bello has been supervisor for just 12 days and he says he's spent most of his time dealing with problem after problem at the struggling Medley Centre.   Frozen pipes in a mostly vacant Irondequoit mall, coupled with a January thaw,  today spelled one big mess at medley Centre.

"With the cold weather that we've had, the sprinkler supply for the vacant portion of the mall, one leg of it was still active, and froze.  So, when it thawed out the pipe was broken, and there's your result," said Lt. Mark Thomas, Ridge-Culver Fire Department.

Last week the town supervisor ordered cracked and frozen pipes be fixed in the mall's pumping station.  A leaky roof by the carousel entryway is also adding to the deterioration.

"This couldn't be more disappointing, what's happening right now.  We notified Mr. Congel days ago, that there was a potential issue here with the water pipes in the building.  And with the extreme temperatures that we've been having, and it doesn't appear that he's taken the steps necessary to stop flooding from happening like it is today," said Adam Bello, Irondequoit town Supervisor.

Also last week, another blow.  One of only two anchor stores at the mall, Macy's,  announced it is closing for good at Medley as part of a nationwide cost-savings measure.

"Just the two stores.  I mean, it's a beautiful mall.  And it's a shame to see the property go to waste," said Tim Smith, customer.

All the while there's been no response from mall owner, Scott Congel.

"What's happening now is unacceptable.  We're going to take, anytime there is an impact to public safety or surrounding properties, we will take the immediate and necessary steps to make sure nobody is hurt or injured.  But, I also want to make sure that, while I see the value in protecting this property, it's disappointing to see that Scott Congel doesn't seem to see that value anymore," said Bello.

Congel has a multi-million dollar payment to the town due February 1, 2014.

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