National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day

A ceremony for kids being adopted took placed in Monroe County Family Court Friday.
For so many touched by adoption, today is a special day. It's National Adoption Day.

Veronica Black's family is growing by two.

"Today means forever. It's the beginning of forever," Black said.

Black's adopting two sons. She is one of the many parents here at the Hall of Justice in Rochester to make things official.

"Now that they know that they're loved dearly, we're celebrating."

Black already has one son by birth and another son who's adopted. She says adopting is the best decision she ever made.

"There's no greater feeling than knowing that you've changed a life and they've changed yours."

This is the 13th year marking National Adoption Day. In that time nearly 45,000 children have found permanent homes nationwide. Still, more than 100,000 children in foster care await a permanent home. More than 7,600 are in New York. It's a decision this mom hopes you will consider.

"There's no greater difference than touching a life, changing a life forever."

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