Networking Group Prepares For Influx of B+L Workers

Networking Group Prepares For Influx of B+L Workers

The August Group helps hundreds find work.

This year more than 400 Bausch and Lomb workers will be without a job.

One local organization is prepared to get them back in the job market.

Tracey Aiello was downsized when the company he worked for lost millions.

"When they came to lay me off I was excited because at that time I had a six year old son and I wanted to be home with him, so I reinvented my career," said Tracey Aiello, The August Group Leader.

That was a decade ago.

Now the financial planner and career coach helps the unemployed get back on their feet through the networking organization - The August Group.

“What we are trying to do is reduce the amount of time it takes people to go through this process - already alone this year we have probably gotten over 200 people back to work," said Aiello.

Once Bausch and Lomb was sold to Valeant Pharmaceuticals in August, workers began to receive pink slips.

But Aiello says they didn't receive much transition help.

“This time they got just an online service, so we are seeing a lot more people from Bausch and Lomb come in because if it," said Aiello.

Many of those people spent decades with the company and haven't had to search for work.

“It's changing all of the time and the environment is happening faster and faster. So now linked-in and having a picture on linked-in is part of your career search," said Aiello.

Where are the jobs? Not at big businesses.

"The reality is we have a lot of skilled trained areas here. They are bringing in new jobs all of the time. So they may never go back to a large company like this but there are a lot of medium to small companies where the new hiring is really taking place," said Aiello.

Aiello says workers will bounce back.

“You are flexible and resourceful you will be back to work very quickly,” Aiello said.

The August Group is preparing meetings geared toward recently laid-off Bausch and Lomb employees for later this month.

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