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New Board President: RCSD Must Attract Families

Van White addressed the mayor's push for charter schools.
New Rochester school board president Van White said it's urgent for the City School District to attract and retain families.

White was in the audience Saturday for Mayor Lovely Warren's inauguration. She talked about the need to "fix schools," and later elaborated she wants to push for more charter schools. That could mean a loss of funding and students to the City School District.

"We can't afford to lose those good parents. They're role models. We can't afford to lose those good students. They're role models," said White. "I understand why Lovely would want to create and support charter schools, because it creates options for parents...We both want better schools for parents. She's going to go ahead and do her thing, support charter schools and vouchers. But she's also committed...to supporting the things that work (in the City School District)."

Watch our interview with White on News 8 First at 4 by clicking the video above.
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