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New Home Proposed for Future Skatepark

Genesee Crossroads Park could one day have a huge skatepark.
Roc City Skatepark, long planned to go under the Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge, apparently has a new home.

Jim Maddison, the group's leader, said the city and engineering consultants found a skatepark under the bridge would be feasible and cost about $4 million. But Maddison said they recently asked the group what they thought of Genesee Crossroads Park.

There's a major funding advantage to locating the skatepark at Crossroads. Genesee Crossroads Park is built above Crossroads Garage. Both are in major need of repair. The cost to repair the garage and rebuild the park, including a skatepark component, is about $5 million, Maddison said.

"We're actually leveraging repairs that need to be done to the garage," Maddison said.

A skatepark is intended to give skaters, who use city streets and infrastructure, a safe and legal place. In addition, a large skatepark could attract tourists.

Genesee Crossroads Park sits along the river in shadow of downtown's major hotels. It's easy to see how some visitors would be turned off by throngs of skateboarders.

"There's about 150,000 square feet at Crossroads Park, which is probably twice what we need," said Maddison. "So we would keep it as far north as possible and certainly respect the distance the hotels will want from an activity like that."

Maddison hopes construction on the park can begin in 2015.

Watch our interview with Maddison on News 8 at 5:30 by clicking the video above. 
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