No Rules: Local Vet Puts Artwork on Display

No Rules: Local Vet Puts Artwork on Display

<span size="3" style="font-family: Times New Roman;">The Veteran's Outreach Center continues to grow it's Creative Art Therapy program.</span>

The Veteran's Outreach Center continues to grow it's Creative Art Therapy program.

On Friday, a veteran in the program is showcasing his work.

Our House Gallery is prepping for a big show.

It's David Duncan's first gallery exhibition.

"I never thought of having an opening like this," said David Duncan, a Vietnam veteran.

He learned mechanical engineering before going to Vietnam.

He had other dreams though.

"I said to myself if I ever get out of here I am going to go to RIT for art," said Duncan.

When he returned he did just that.

But never put his paintbrush to canvas for 35 years.

After retirement that included sales, he turned to the veterans outreach center.

"Ultimately got into support groups and found out about this art therapy group and signed up for it immediately," said Duncan.

Courtney Konecny is Duncan's art therapist.

"David's show here is kind of the epitome of what we can provide through our program. This has been such a healing experience for him and a powerful experience for him," said Courtney Konecny.

The show's title: No Rules. It's all abstract work which is a far cry from Duncan's classical training.

"It has been very empowering," said Duncan.

Duncan says too many of his friends from the service have committed suicide.

Art therapy has helped him conquer his past.

"It gives me an enormous pleasure and certainly helps me with my self esteem," said

Konecny says it's a tool that works for vets.

"It allowed him to use his passion as healing," said Konecny.

Duncan encourages other vets to find their own passion.

"There are all kinds of services, and the sky is the limit as my artist statement says, you can become the person you might have been," said Duncan.

Duncan's gallery opening is from 6 to 9 pm at the Our House Gallery at 783 South Avenue in Rochester.

It is open to the public.

For more information of the VOC's Creative Art Therapy program click here.


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