Nojay Suggests Trump Gov Run to GOP

Nojay Suggests Trump Gov Run to GOP

During an appearance on News 8 First at 4, the assemblyman also talked about Safe Act, Brooks and Duffy.
Republican Assemblyman Bill Nojay of Pittsford thinks the GOP's best shot at defeating Andrew Cuomo next year is Donald Trump.

"If the Republican Party wants a strong candidate who can beat Andy Cuomo, there's one person they should be looking at and that's Donald Trump. Whether Donald Trump wants to run, whether he would actually be a great candidate, only time will tell," Nojay said during an appearance on News 8 First at 4. "But if you actually look at who you've got, it's a very, very short list. And as far as I'm concerned, it starts with Donald Trump."

Was there a time when perhaps Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks would have been on the list?

"There's a number of candidates who would make great governors, but under the campaign finance laws, it's very difficult to raise $30 million in 12 months," Nojay said. "Andrew Cuomo's been working on it for four years. You need a candidate who can either self-fund or who's got immediate name recognition all across New York State."

With the state attorney general's investigation into Monroe County's use local development corporations already yielding one arrest, should Brooks be worried about her future?

"Any politician who is in the same paragraph as indictment as so on has got to be a little bit worried," Nojay said. "But I've known Maggie for years. She's a person of the highest integrity and if some people around her have been problems, that sometimes happens in government."

We also asked Nojay's thoughts on the speculation Lt. Governor Bob Duffy won't be on the 2014 ticket with Cuomo.

"The question is does Bob Duffy want to leave or is he being invited to look for greener pastures?" Nojay asked.

Nojay said the gun control law known as NY Safe isn't working.

"It is technically the law, but no one is obeying it," said Nojay, who likened it to Prohibition.

As for the casino referendum voters will decide in November that would allow up to seven non-Indian casinos, Nojay said, "This is not economic development. It's not going to help the Upstate economy. It's just going to be hundreds of millions of more dollars flowing into the state coffers."

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