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NYC Could Raise Smoking Age, Local Experts Backing Measure

New York City could be the first major city in the United States to bump up the legal age to buy cigarettes from 18-21.
Irwin Goldberg started smoking cigarettes when he got to college, because everyone was doing it.
Now, he'll tell you he'd do anything to see young kids without cigarettes in their hands.
In New York City, you might need to be 21 now in order to buy cigarettes.
The NYC Council will be voting to raise the age limit to buy cigarettes from 18-21.
Rochester doctors are backing the decicion, saying 90% of all long term smokers started before the age of 18.
But can the bill shake the public?
URMC Doctor Scott McIntosh says tobacco companies make you believe smoking is just a habit, but it's an addiction that will keep you buying the product.
Now, you'll see graphic warning ads on packs of cigarettes that McIntosh says, is just another way to stop people from smoking.
Experts say long term, this means good news for public health.
Anytime there's a raise in the age of smoking, there's an impact on when younger people will start.
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