Oak Hill Cleanup Progressing

Oak Hill Cleanup Progressing

8th hole repaired, some bunkers still need work
The place where a large tree stood last week next to the 8th hole is now just another patch of thick rough.

Oak Hill superintendant Jeff Corcoran and his staff have been working nearly around the clock since a storm last Wednesday knocked the giant old tree over onto the 8th green."Most of the staff worked 14 hours on July 4th (the day after the storm hit)," Corcoran said. "It really shows their commitment to Oak Hill and the membership here."

In addition, half the holes on the Championship East Course sustained some sort of flooding problem and every bunker was damaged.

The 8th green is now fully repaired and any remnants of the giant, old tree are gone. In its place lies a simple piece of sod, indistinguishable from any other one around the green.

Some of the bunkers are still awaiting replacement sand, but otherwise they are back to championship shape as well. The flood waters have receded and Oak Hill is ready again to host the PGA Championship next month.

There are still concerns. "We just don't want to see the extreme flood again," Corcorcan said. "The golf course itself can handle quarter-inch, half-inch rainfalls as we lead up to the Championship. But, we really want to dry out as we get close to the Championship for that firm, fast playability. We want to make the golf course play difficult."

If another soaking storm hits like the one last week, Corcoran thinks he and his staff will have Oak Hill ready for the best golfers in the world. "We have a great staff, a good bunch of guys that all know what they need to do," Corcoran said. "I kinda feel like a head coach. We have an agronomic gameplan and those guys just go out and execute. I know they're going to execute well."
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