Old Hickok Building Attracting Jobs, Businesses

Old Hickok Building Attracting Jobs, Businesses

It was known as the Old Hickok Building, but after 100 years of operation the facility was sold.
From the outside, the Hickok Building looks like an empty warehouse. But inside, dozens of businesses are filling it up

Victor Salerno purchased the building from Hickok in 1971 when the company moved out of the area. He salvaged the place and now business is booming- meaning more jobs.

"A lot of good jobs in the area, Rochester people, Monroe County people; it's a great story and a lot of entrepreneurs are heere building business," Salerno said.

Salerno's original concept of large business tenants did not work. Now it is thriving with smaller businesses. Ben Pearson is one of those tenants. His business, Eisco Scientific, distributes science experiments for labs and schools around the world.

"We wanted to come right downtown to give back to the community; hopefully in the future hire more people from the inner city of Rochester, give back to the school districts, give back to everybody in the local area," Pearson said.

At one time the building housed one company. Today there are about 20 tenants and in the next three months there will be seven more moving in.

"We are filling it with high-tech companies. We have dog biscuit manufacturers, we have regular machine shops just like with the original," Jeff Schenkel said.

An empty warehouse now a growing business incubator.

"We are bringing in small companies and I think that's what Rochester is now attracting. It's one of the top cities in the country for small businesses and this building has become a real advocate for the small businesses and I think that got out," TJ Cashette said.

So what is next? Owners of the building say more jobs and more businesses.
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