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Operation Halloween: Keeping Sex Offenders Indoors

Parole Officers were out making sure kids didn't knock on the wrong doors this Halloween.
This is not the trick or treating most of us see.
Parole officers Kevin Gibbs and Susan Hrovat are checking registered sex offenders.
It might scare you to know there are 634 in Rochester.
Monroe County Parole Officers have been working Operation Halloween since 2006.
They don't want interaction between a sex offender and a child.
The rules are different for sex offenders.
Their curfew on Halloween is 3 pm-6 am.
They can't participate in Halloween activities, that includes costumes, decorations or giving out candy.
Sex offenders are required to put "No Candy Here" signs in their windows or doors.
And, there are hundreds of sex offenders officers don't supervise because they've completed their sentences.
They hope it's a wake up call to parents.
Parole officers urge parents to get online and find out if there's a sex offender in your area.

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