OWLeS Weather Research Project Launches Thursday

OWLeS Weather Research Project Launches Thursday

The OWLeS (Ontario Winter Lake Effect Systems) weather research project will last 2 months and utilize everything from planes and mobile doppler radars, to weather balloons.
OWLeS, which stands for "Ontario Winter Lake Effect Systems" is a huge research project that kicks off on Thursday.

The 2 month project, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and several grants, will be studying in depth how lake effect snow bands develop, travel, and impact areas around Lake Ontario.

This is the first lake effect research project in over a decade, and the first major one ever for Lake Ontario.

About 150 scientists, students, graduate students and volunteers will be traveling anywhere from the Niagara Frontier, to Rochester, to the Tug Hill Plateau - wherever the snow takes them!

Dozens of instruments, from aircraft, to three mobile Doppler on Wheels, to weather balloons are just a few of the tools that will be utilized in the project.

"They're great for looking at lake effect snowbands," says Josh Wurman, Director of the Center for Severe Weather Research. "Lake snow bands are small, close to the ground, strong rotations in them, and there's very intense zones of snow that we're trying to learn about so they can be forecast better. Why is this band dropping 2 inches while this one is dropping 2 feet?"

Scott Steiger is associate professor at SUNY Oswego, and is one of the lead researchers on the project.

"Like in the analogy to when Christopher Columbus discovered America. We're gonna be finding things that we're never seen before," explains Steiger.

To follow the project click on the link:  http://owles.org/


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