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Patients Of Accused Psychiatrist Searching For New Care

Before he went to jail, Dr. William Lewek was treating about 100 patients.
Before he went to jail, Dr. William Lewek was treating about 100 patients.  Those patients are now left without a doctor. 

It was just a week ago that Matthew Straton's body was found in a backyard of a home on Rowley Street. Since then, Lewek has been behind bars. One former patient, who did not want to be identified, says the alleged crime is monstrous. 

"Of course I was shocked. The fact that Dr. Lewek has doctor in front of the first name makes no sense," he said.

The Monroe County Medical Society wants Lewek's patients to know they have a place to go. The society keeps a list of local psychiatrists who are accepting new patients. 

"We are a little bit under-supplied with psychiatric services in our community, so everybody is kind of tight. I think that's why we had to make phone calls, but virtually everyone we have contacted has said yes," Executive Director Dr. Nancy Adams said.

Right now, it is not clear if Dr. Lewek will lose his medical license. Adams says is it up to the State Department of Health to decide Dr. Lewek's fate. The department's website does not currently show any actions against him. 

"There is a process to remove a license quickly when there is concern of maybe harm to patients, so they will be looking at that situation," Adams said.

In the meantime, the Medical Society will ensure all patients can get treatment.

"These situations are rare, thank goodness, but when they do happen we need to pull together as a community and help out the patients; and that's what we are trying to do," she said.

"Therapy does work. You shouldn't allow this experience, this one singular experience, to stigmatize you against wanting to seek out therapy. You do have issues. This is a rare instance," the former patient said. 

As far as patient records go, Adams says they are still part of the Rowley Street investigation. They are trying to get copies for the patients. 
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