Penfield Wants Area Districts to Partner on Online Courses

Penfield Wants Area Districts to Partner on Online Courses

Some districts can't afford to offer certain electives anymore because of budget constraints.
The Penfield Central School District would like to create a regional high school consortium that will produce and deliver online courses to students.

The focus will be on high-level elective courses in which it's hard to fill up classrooms. Many districts cannot afford to offer some courses anymore.

The district would like the online courses to be up and running in September 2014.

Penfield envisions courses that resemble a tradition classroom, including teacher-student interaction.

“Our model is based on the concept that an online class is just held in a different type of classroom,” said Jim Doser, who is directing the project.  “It is still one teacher with his or her students, interacting and utilizing all the flexibility afforded in an online format.”

Class sizes would be the same. There wouldn't be more than 30 students in a class.

Penfield would like to meet with interested districts in October and start training teachers. Doser says this will be an "inexpensive" endeavor because it will function like a student exchange system. BOCES already has the technology infrastructure. The curriculum already exists for the courses.
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