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Pet Crematoriums Under Fire After Private Investigation

There are questions about local pet crematories after a private investigator's video went viral.
There are questions about local pet crematoriums after a private investigator's video went viral.

David Mace took a toy cat stuck with ground beef to local crematoriums and got back actual animal remains. Mace says he launched his investigation after a group of animal lovers raised concerns about pet crematoriums. Nine months and hundreds of dollars later, he posted his findings on YouTube. Animal advocates took their concerns about Rochester pet crematoriums to Mace. 

"People really care about their pets and often times want to have a private cremation so they have only their pets ashes to hold on to and memorialize their pet," he said.

Mace's YouTube video shows him stuffing a toy cat with ground beef. Six fake cats were sent to four crematoriums. He says Lollypop Farm, Monroe Veterinary Associates and Rush Inter Pet, Inc. returned animal remains. Remains from MVA and Rush Inter Pet tested positive for bone matter.

"The amount that we got back is not consistent with what we presented," he said.

"I don't know if it's true; we haven't seen any kind of reports or scientific samples," Lollypop Farm CEO Alice Calabrese said. "It led people to believe the sample tested was from Lollypop Farm and [there's] really a lot more questions than any kind of definitive answers. We have informed the Monroe County Sheriff of the incident and hope their investigation may turn up some answers."

Lollypop Farm is not admitting any wrongdoing, but is changing its cremation policy.

"We are making a slight change to the process where we will now actually look at the animals that are being brought to us," Calabrese said.

Mace says that is a good first step. He'd like to see the state enact tougher regulations for all pet crematoriums. The remains from Lollypop Farm have not been tested yet. One crematorium did pass the test. 

Monroe County Veterinary Associates issued a statement saying "our entire staff across 17 locations at Monroe Veterinary Associates follows an internal process for each individual cremation. We are fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation with the New York Department of State. We do not mix the remains of pets during the cremation process and we have strict internal procedures in place to ensure that each pet owner receives their own pet's ashes back."

Read Rush Inter Pet's statement by clicking the attached document above. 
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