Pete DuPre - The Harmonica Guy

Pete DuPre - The Harmonica Guy

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Pete DuPre's been playing the harmonica for 75 years.  He says it's a gift worth sharing.  "God's given me a good thing," Pete says, "because I could play for hours and just keep playing."  

At 84 years old, Pete performs regularly for residents of the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse in Pittsford.  "Yes, we enjoy Pete," says Sister Catherine Teresa Martin.  "He plays very rhythmic music and we enjoy it."

"I will play something like Edelweiss and I will see the words being formed and the awareness comes and the head starts coming up, and when I can see that,

you can't find that in the bank, that's the answer to your question, what's the reward?  Change places with me and watch that happen and you'll understand what I'm talking about," Pete says.

Pete DuPre:  a storytelling musician whose gift to the world is his harmonica.


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