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Pittsford Man Charged For Killing RCSD Secretary In DWI Crash

A Pittsford man is facing a slew of charges after a deadly drunk driving crash.
Sheriff deputies say Barbara Uthman, 63, was killed after being hit by a drunk driver in Henrietta.
Sheriff deputies say Barbara Uthman, 63, was killed after being hit by a drunk driver in Henrietta.
Patrick Mulvehill, 43, worked at the University of Rochester and had no prior record in Monroe County.  If he's convicted in a DWI crash he could go to prison for years.

Deputies say Patrick Mulvehill was driving drunk with his head lights off when he went through a red light on Jefferson Road in Henrietta.  He hit Barbara Uthman's car sending it into the path of two other vehicles.

Uthman's death has sent her friends and family into deep grief, "she was always positive, never a negative word about anyone," said Dan DiClemente, "she was always a person who would help anybody who was looking for help and any of the people who were coming up through the ranks as secretaries that she could help, she would do so.  "
Barbara spent her career with the Rochester City School District.  She spent her time helping students through the BENTE union, "she was very involved with the union when it came down to things we were looking to do for the students, she was a very positive role model," said DiClemente, "and like I said she was a member of our BENTE scholarship committee because she believed in giving back to the students."

The 63 year old retired from her job as a senior secretary last year, "there were so many things, good things Barbara was going to do with her life," said Joe Baldino, "and to have it cut short only adds to the tragedy to me. "
Joe Baldino worked with Barbara for nearly a decade at Edison Tech High School.  Baldino has a message for drunk drivers, "I think they should personally toughen the laws against that, if you kill somebody in a vehicular accident I believe you should get the same kind of time as a person gets for actually shooting some one," said Baldino, "because if you think about it it's pre-meditated murder, you decided to drink, and then you decided to drive."

Barbara was also heavily involved in her church.  The Open Door Baptist Church released the following statement: 

"The family, friends and church family of Barbara Uthman are grieving the loss of an incredibly Godly woman.  Barbara loved The Lord Jesus Christ.  She served faithfully in the choir, missions program and orphan ministry of our church.  This crime is a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas, that Jesus came for the sin of all mankind.  He is the light of the world.  We thank all those who tried to assist Barbara at the scene.  We know she is with her Savior now."

Mulvehill is being held in the Monroe county Jail.

Mulvehill was not seriuosly hurt in the accident.  He is charged with manslaughter, DWI, and reckless driving.

Mulvehill was also ticketed for following too closely, passing a red light, and not using his headlights and tail lights.
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