Preparing for First Blast of Winter

Preparing for First Blast of Winter

Pack your car and your patience for first punch of cold air and snow.

 Hope you're ready for winter weather.  Meteorologist Scott Hetsko says it's coming.  The best advice--be prepared.

 It's been awhile since we've been in "winter weather mindset."
There's no stopping it, certainly, so all we can do is be ready for it.
It's set to arrive Saturday night into Sunday.
Snow!  Some of us will have to shovel.  Roads could be slippery.

"Make sure that your windshield wipers are working quite well.  Make sure you have windshield fluid in your squirters.  Obviously there's going to be some road spray at some point in our futures.  If you notice anything with your brakes, make sure you get those checked out too,"  said Brenda Cahill, AAA.

Besides the snow, bitter cold temperatures that we haven't experienced in awhile are on the way. 
AAA recommends you have what you need inside your vehicle as well as out.

"A first aid kit in your car.  Drinking water.  Possibly blankets.  Hat, mittens, boots.  Those kinds of things," said Cahill.

And snacks!  Be prepared to camp out in your car for hours---if necessary until help can arrive.
The winter season---requires a different mindset.

"Travel slowly.  Don't have any quick stops and starts if you can avoid it.  Just be very aware and careful on the roads.  There can be black ice, snow, all kinds of different hazards," added Cahill.

Perhaps the most important thing you can carry-- a fully charged cell phone.

And common sense.  We always want to bring that.

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