Preventing Hospital Infections

Preventing Hospital Infections

Ninety-nine thousand patients die every single year in a hospital, but not because they came in sick.
Ninety-nine thousand patients die every single year in a hospital, but not because they came in sick. 

Hospital-acquired infections are all too common. You usually go to the doctor's because you are sick or injured. What is not on your mind is getting sicker once you enter the hospital.

"People need to know that when they go into the hospital, it's not fix me, fix me; I'm sick," Armando Nahum said.

Each year in the U.S., more people die from bacterial infections they caught in the hospital than from AIDS, breast cancer and car accidents combined. Armando Nahum knows all too well. Seven years ago, three of his family members were impacted by hospital-acquired infections. 

"In three different hospitals, in three different states in ten months time. That was accommodated with the death of our son Josh. He was a 27-year-old," Armando said.

After his son died, Armando gave up his job and started the Safe Care organization. Since then, he has been sharing his story around the globe to hospitals like Unity.

"We took the decision of taking a tragedy and turning into something more positive to help other people not go through what we went through," he said.

Doctors have a lot on their plate and sometimes a simple reminder from a patient can go a long way. The first and most basic step- remind doctors to wash their hands if they have not done so. 

"We work with these hospitals and they embrace our message because we don't come in pointing fingers, we say look we know you have a problem, what can we do to help you," he said.

"We've really brought Armando here today and we are really fortunate to have him here for the purpose of really emphasizing the importance of hand hygiene and to help us really kick off our hand hygiene campaign," Donna Farnsworth said.

Although the Safe Care campaign won't bring back his son, Armando hopes his message can help remind doctors it is the little things that can save lives. 
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