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Raining Inside for a Good Cause at Greece Athena Middle School

Students at Greece Athena Middle School are "Singing In the Rain" - literally!
It may be a frigid winter wonderland outside Greece Athena Middle School, but on the inside, they're "singing in the rain!"

You've probably seen school plays before, but none like this!

"I've never done anything specific to this before, like precipitation on stage," laughs 8th grader at Greece Athena Middle School, Mark Mitrano.

"There are four soaker hoses that run along the top, and the deck is built at a 1 degree angle, so the water that lands on it will run back into the gutter," explains Chuck Fulkerson, who helped build the raining set.

The parents enjoy it as much as the kids!

"We probably have a core group of 10 or 12 dads who come in and work, and they have been doing it for years," says Fulkerson

Long after their own kids have graduated.

Students and staff are hoping you'll come out and help fill the auditorium, because not only will you see a great show, you're also supporting some good causes.

Money from the show benefits Gilda's Club, Autism Up, and Artists Unlimited.

"We've had 20 years or more of doing this, so we're able to say we've donated $335,000 to children's charities. It's actually become a tradition now," says Julie Bechtold, director of Greece Athena Middle School Theater.

That makes it even more memorable for the students.

"It's probably one of the best shows I've ever done in my entire life, because it's just so fun," says Mitrano. "I get to be with all my friends, it's my last year in middle school, it's just amazing."

For ticket information, click on the link: http://www.gamstheatre.org/livesite/pages/home

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