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RCSD Achievement Plan

Sup't. Bolgen Vargas unveils five-point plan for student success.

It's a last chance to save failing schools in Rochester.  Monday night,  the Rochester schools superintendent unveiled a bold new plan to have colleges take control of some city schools.

The most controversial part of the superintendent's plan is the idea that some local colleges and universities will manage some struggling Rochester schools.   At least two colleges tried to oversee poor performing Buffalo city schools.  But New York State did not give the green light.

RCSD Superintendent Bolgen Vargas hopes colleges here will  adopt a lesson plan being practiced in New York City and Buffalo successful management of city schools that barely make the grade.

"Because there is a sense of urgency, we will welcome the support of anyone with a track record to help our students achieve and succeed," said Bolgen Vargas, RCSD Superintendent.

The superintendent hopes to implement the plan by September 2015.  However this is in the early stages and no colleges have signed up yet.  Under the proposal, the sponsoring college or university would receive district funds for the students and exercise all the powers of a superintendent in overseeing the school.

Those we spoke to are on board.

"I think it will be a tremendous help.  I also think it's important that kids get out to the campus so they can be more exposed outside of their own community. So that college, being more interactive in the schools, I think it will be proactive to give the kids an understanding of why they should get an education," said James Kates, Rochester.

The plan requires state approval.  At least one parent gives the superintendent's plan an A+," said Christina Christman, Rochester.

Vargas presented his plan to the Rochester City School Board for study.

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