RGRTA Planning Big Changes

RGRTA Planning Big Changes

From the bus terminal to new routes, customers will see differences.
The downtown bus terminal is the biggest sign of change at the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority. 

The $50 million, 30-bay facility, will transform how people ride the bus in Rochester. They'll no longer have to wait outside in the elements on Main Street without access to bathrooms. The bus terminal will bring Wi-Fi, seating and climate-controlled comfort.

Originally slated to open in April 2015, the terminal under construction on Mortimer St. is a few months ahead of schedule.

RGRTA is also trying out more direct routes. It recently launched a Park Avenue line that goes straight to the University of Rochester Medical Center. The agency plotted where U of R workers live and came up with the route, which it says has been successful.

"We'e completely redesigning how our routes run so they're much more direct getting people from where they live to the proper destination, health care, jobs retail schools,' said RGRTA CEO Bill Carpenter on News 8 First at 4. 

To watch Carpenter's interview, click on the video above.
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