Robach Hasn't Given Up on 51st "Upstate" State

Robach Hasn't Given Up on 51st "Upstate" State

State senator would like voters to decide if Upstate should break away.
State Senator Joseph Robach, a Republican from Greece, has not given up on two issues close to his heart.

Robach wants voters to be able to bring initiatives to a statewide vote by getting enough signatures to get the initiative on the ballot. He also wants voters to decide if Upstate should be separated from downstate to form the 51st state in the country. Both of his ideas have gone nowhere in Albany for several years now.

News 8 pointed out to Robach that studies show New York City generates revenue that is sent to Upstate communities. 

"A lot of money is put into New York State's budget because of Wall Street being in New York City. But I will say simultaneously, the policies my New York City colleagues have driven are exactly why taxes are the highest in the state," Robach said during an appearance on News 8 First at 4. "I don't tell people from New York City what they should do with the subway system...yet they're constantly trying to tell us what our tax policies should be, what we should teach our kids, how we should protect our homes. I don't care for that almost New York City elitism where they kind of treat us like we're not an intelligent cousin."

Robach seemed supportive of the casino referendum. Voters will decide whether to allow several non-Indian casinos. They won't be located in the Rochester area, as the Seneca Nation has exclusivity here.

"I'm glad people are getting to vote on it. I do think it will probably help people in southern New York State," said Robach. 
"I don't like that Rochester doesn't have an opportunity because we're in the Seneca territory."

To watch our interview with Robach, click on the video above.
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