Rochester Crime Stats: Overall Crime Down, Gun Violence Up

Rochester Crime Stats: Overall Crime Down, Gun Violence Up

Rochester Police Department released the third quarter crime statistics for 2013.

Homicides and violence seem to dot the headlines in Rochester.

While it appears they are on the rise, the latest stats show something different.

Compared with last year, from January to September, homicides have seen no change.

Aggravated assaults are down 7.4-percent.

But the number of shooting victims has risen from 170 to 173 this year.

"In the overall numbers we take great pride in the fact that they are down. Very much frustrated over the fact of the shooting incidents and the number of guns we find out on the street. Again we need to shut down where the guns are coming from, we need to change the mindset of this culture of violence where shooting someone is a way to deal with a dispute," said Chief Jim Sheppard, Rochester

Some numbers may not tell the whole story.

For example - unreported domestic violence incidents.

The biggest increase in crime was robberies are up more than 15-percent.

"When these phones get stolen they are getting flipped immediately so you take a $500 iPhone, pay $50 and there is a market," said Chief Sheppard.

Rochester has had 30 homicides this year.

But another 20 cases have been solved with help from the community.

Chief Sheppard says they have to use "smart policing."

"We have to be very flexible with how we are doing our business, how we react, can't just expect to put a game plan in place and expect to stick with it cause sometimes the market changes," said Chief Sheppard.

The goal is to make sure all crimes continue to drop in the future.

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