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Rochester Gunmaker Moving to South Carolina

One of the nation's largest gunmakers sits right here in Rochester but that won't be the case much longer.
One of the nation's largest gunmakers sits right here in Rochester but that won't be the case much longer.

American Tactical Imports announced it's moving to South Carolina immediately.

The company wouldn't talk to us on camera, but the New York SAFE Act has a lot to do with its decision to relocate. The move will start as soon as next week and local gun shop owners say they aren't surprised

Kordell Jackson of Jackson Guns & Ammo says it's a great and smart move for American Tactical Imports.

"They get to sell their product down South. They will get more people to buy them where as up here in New York State it's very difficult," said Kordell Jackson.

American Tactical is one of the gun industry's top importers and manufacturers of firearms.

In a statement, the company announced it was important for them to "do business within a state that is friendly to the second amendment rights of the people."

The prime location of Summerville, South Carolina was also a factor. It's close to the port-of-entry into the country for some of their imported products.

Jackson says ATI specializes in assault rifles.

"Those assault rifles are banned here in New York State based on the SAFE Act, so a lot of their weapons will be sold down South where they can have these and be a free state whereas here in New York State we are very restricted on a majority of the firearms," said Jackson.

Jackson says the move will take a toll on the wallets of both local gun shop owners and customers. The once close location was ideal for them.

"I can just go down there. I can pick the stuff up, it's real quick and easy and people don't have to wait for their product. Now there is going to be a two or three day delay on top of the shipping cost as well," said Jackson.

ATI's relocation is a big boost for the state of South Carolina.

The company says the move will have about a $2.7 million impact on the community and create more than one hundred new jobs.

The good news is no local workers will lose their jobs. A spokesperson for the company says they will be given the option to transfer or be placed with ATI's sister company that will remain in Rochester.

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