Rochester Police Officer Dom Paz

Rochester Police Officer Dom Paz

<P>He's a cop, a teacher and a Golden Apple Award winner! We surprise Rochester Police Officer Dom Paz at the Everest Institute.</P>

He's a cop, a teacher and a Golden Apple Award winner! We surprise Rochester Police Officer Dom Paz at the Everest Institute.

Officer Dom Paz brings real life experience to the classroom. The 29-year RPD veteran has been teaching Criminal Justice class at the Everest Institute for 8 years.

Department Chair Vipan Lang says "He comes here each and every day with a zest to teach. He sets high expectations for our students but then also helps them meet those expectations. And that's really what makes a wonderful teacher."

Everest Graduate Brenda Hernandez says Officer Paz taught her that hard work pays off. She wanted to thank him. "I do have determination thanks to him. I have patience thanks to him. Because if it wasn't without patience and determination I would not be where I'm right now. I nominated Officer Paz because he inspired me to continue my education."

It was great fun surprising a police officer! Dom blushed and smiled when we walked in. Captain Lloyd Kuyler is Officer Paz's boss at RPD. "Dom is a Crime Coordinator. And Dom often coaches younger, often less experienced officers and he keeps more senior officers focussed. He's just well suited for this."

Lang says teaching is an extension of Officer Paz's work as a cop. "He brings work experiences here for our students."

"I am able to give civilians a good perspective on what police officers go through on a daily basis" says Paz. "It's great to be appreciated, it's good to be recognized and I'm really, really thankful. Thank you very much. It's humbling."

RPD Officer Dom Paz is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner. You can read Brenda's nominating letter below.

Dear News 8,

I would like to take the time to nominate an important teacher of mine. Rochester Police Officer Domingo Paz was my Criminal Justice Teacher for two years at Everest Institute. The reason I would like to nominate him is because he made sure I finished school. Mr. Paz's motto is "Do it cleaner and better then the next person." He always made sure that we knew what was going on in our community. For all the endless work in class and in the community I would like to thank him for believing in me.


Brenda Hernandez, Everest Institute Class of 2012

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