Rochester School Wins Award for Recycling

Rochester School Wins Award for Recycling

Rochester School wins state "Recycle-Bowl".
A Rochester school is being rewarded for it's go green efforts. The Kodak Park School Number 41 won first place in the state in the "Recycle-Bowl.

Students at Rochester's Kodak Park School know that there is more than one use for a milk carton. But this work of art is just a fraction of the cartons that were saved during the schools recycling project.

"They were in the cafe, making certain that students actually placed the empty milk cartons into the containers that we have for recycling, instead of placing it with the regular garbage," says Principal Marion Whitfield.

The idea started with the school custodian, who knew the kids were looking for a hands-on project. "They were all excited about it so we just continued and recycled as much as we could and we came out on top," says Custodian Glennis Brady.

The students collected 9,000 pounds of waste and that includes 3,200 milk and juice cartons that were recycled. "I was so surprised, elated, and pleased that my students had put in this amount of work," says Whitfield. 

The kids are taking this lesson home with them too. "My dad tries to throw away and I'm like no, don't throw it away. Recycle it! I try to get him and my sisters to recycle a lot," says fifth grader Ashanti Bermudez.

Mykala Campbell, also in 5th grade adds, "my dad recycles a lot of cans and my grandma. She recycles water can recycle lunch trays, milk cartons, cereal bowls, water bottles, and cans and glass."

It's an idea that starts young and sticks. "We started with second graders in the green schools program and this is something they can carry with them for the rest of their lives and still remember to recycle and try to save the environment."

A winning lesson. Both for the school and the environment.

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