RPO To Host "Cirque de la Symphonie"

RPO To Host "Cirque de la Symphonie"

The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra is close to a sell-out crowd for this weekend's performance.
The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra is close to a sell-out crowd for this weekend's performance. 

It is what you might expect at an RPO performance and then some.

"It's a phenomenal show of visual artistry and athletic artistry," conductor Jeff Tyzik said.

Friday and Saturday's shows feature the "Cirque de la Symphonie." Aerial flyers and dancers like Aloysia Gavre will also be performing to music played by the orchestra. She first tried circus acrobatics at a young age and says performing with a live orchestra can present some unique challenges.

"We are listening intently to see if they're playing a little different tempo or a little different style. And we're really trying to fuse them together," she said.

Gavre makes her skills look effortless. So I figured- why not give it a try? It proved to be nerve-wracking to say the least. After a few moves I had a new appreciation for her skills. 

"You can never get to cocky. You always have to have a little bit of fear; and I think that's what keeps us safe," Gavre said.

The performers spent Friday morning perfecting the show. 

"We get one chance to get it all together and that's it," Tyzik said.

"Cirque de la Symphonie" is the only act of its kind. They travel and perform with orchestras all over the world. They have been with the RPO before. The last time was in 2011. Tyzik says ticket sales have been good so far this season. But adding an act like Cirque does not hurt.

"This is the kind of program that orchestras need to bring in this wide demographic. You can't do it every week. But it can be a highlight in a season," he said.

For these performers, you could say that kind of compliment is music to their ears. Tickets are $22. they can be purchased at the Kodak Theatre box office or any participating Wegmans locations. To purchase online, click here.

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