Safeguarding Your Mail Through The Holiday Season

Safeguarding Your Mail Through The Holiday Season

The United States Postal Service is sending out a reminder. You need to be very diligent if you're sending gifts or expecting them in the mail. The holiday season is a peak time for people to steal mail and packages.
"If you're that brazen to do that, what's next?"

Jon Vallone is putting his neighbors in North Winton Village on notice, "what it appears to be is that the criminal minded is opening up letters that are for donations," explained Vallone.

Vallone says the problem started after he left a birthday card, stuffed with cash, inside his mail box.  It never made it to the recipient, "right away I knew that the card was taken," said Vallone.

The United States Postal Service has some tips for safe guarding your mail:
·        Never send cash or coins in the mail. Use checks or money orders.
·        Remove delivered mail promptly from your mailbox.
·        If you are going away, put your mail on hold or have someone retrieve it regularly.
·        If you are sending something valuable, drop it in a collection box (blue box) or at a Post Office. Also, consider using insurance (protection against loss/damage).

Louis Sabo also lives in North Winton Village.  He says he's been careful with his mail since a package containing a cell phone was stolen several years ago.

Sabo says he never sends cash and asks people to tell him when they're sending valuables.  Sabo also says his mailbox isn't easy to find, "it's a concealed area so only the mail man knows where to put the mail," explained Sabo, "and so it's not an obvious spot for people to pick up."

Vallone hopes others won't fall victim to mail crimes, "I certainly learned my lesson the hard way, no more cash through the mail and unless I absolutely have to I don't mail from home anymore, I will drop it off at the post office," said Vallone.

If you believe your mail is being stolen or tampered with, contact the United States Postal Inspection Service to file a report. This can be done online, here or via phone at 1-877-876-2455.
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